Carla James
BSc Psychology (Hons) First Class
MSc Psychology of Coercive Control.

Expert Trainer in
The Psychology
of Coercive Control.



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I am a consultant in all aspects of coercive control, domestic abuse, and post-separation abuse.  My MSc is in the Psychology of Coercive Control.  I am a  PhD Candidate and my research interest is Family Court and Domestic Abuse.  

Coercive control is still not well understood.  It is a pattern of behaviour designed to manipulate and control a victim and is just as dangerous as any act of physical violence.  It can occur in a relationship but is just as common when a couple have separated.  In fact, it can escalate after separation.  My training will help your organisation know what coercive control looks like and the psychology behind it.


'State Sanctioned Abuse' of Domestic Abuse Survivors; parental alienation or justified estrangement from an abusive parent?  A systematised review.

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Training Consultant

Guest Lecturer

Training in schools, colleges and universities with staff and students.  Enhanced DBS.

Training with hair and beauty professionals on how to spot coercive control and help clients who may be unsafe at home.

Training for legal professionals in civil and criminal law settings.

Training for psychologists, counsellors and psychotherapists.

Training for healthcare workers and other community services.

Training for faith and community leaders.

Lecturing in the Psychology of Coercive Control in colleges, universities and at conferences.


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